Le Fraise


Le Fraise Consulting offers a diverse range of services designed to meet specific business needs. Explore our offerings and discover how we can contribute to your growth.

Web Hosting & Development
At Le Fraise Consulting, we deliver robust web hosting and development solutions tailored to your unique business needs. Our expert team ensures seamless functionality, security, and user experience, providing a solid foundation for your online presence.

Personal Styling and Clothing Design
Elevate your brand aesthetic with Le Fraise Consulting’s creative services. Our team specializes in personalized clothing design, captivating headshot and product photography, and the creation of visually striking logos and graphics. Immerse your audience in a unique visual identity that not only resonates with your brand essence but also leaves a lasting impression.

Content Creation and Copyrighting:
Embark on a journey of compelling storytelling with Le Fraise Consulting’s content creation and copyrighting services. Our adept content creators develop SEO-friendly content that captivates your audience, while our copyrighting experts ensure the protection and compliance of your intellectual property. Elevate your online presence with engaging and original content that speaks to your audience.

Branding Consulting:
Define and strengthen your brand identity with Le Fraise Consulting’s expert branding consulting services. Collaborate closely with our consultants to create strategies that enhance brand visibility and recognition. Benefit from a cohesive and consistent brand presence across all platforms, building trust and loyalty among your target audience.

Small Business Growth and Turnkey Solutions:
Fuel the growth of your business with Le Fraise Consulting’s tailored small business growth strategies and turnkey solutions. Our experts provide guidance and implement strategies for expansion and scalability, ensuring that your business evolves seamlessly to meet the demands of the market. Experience accelerated growth and streamlined processes with our dedicated solutions.

AI Advising and Utilization:
Stay ahead of the curve with Le Fraise Consulting’s AI advising and utilization services. Our team guides you through the incorporation of artificial intelligence into your operations, providing insights for smarter decision-making. Enhance efficiency and leverage data-driven strategies to navigate the evolving landscape of business with confidence.

Social Media Marketing and Management:
Boost your online presence with Le Fraise Consulting’s dynamic social media marketing and management services. Our team creates and curates engaging content that resonates across various platforms. Benefit from increased brand visibility, enhanced customer engagement, and the development of a thriving online community.